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About the Truck

Meet Willow! She is the little bloom’s 1961 Ford Econoline flower truck.  Isn't she cute!? 


Introduced in the fall of 1960 as a 1961 model, the Econoline was unlike any truck previously offered by Ford.  Willow is a flat nosed, light duty work truck that features unibody construction and an engine located between the seats of a "mini cab-over" design.


Willow was customized to be the cutest little flower truck around. She was repainted in the original Mary Kay Mountain Laurel Blush with mustard accents to match her canopy and give her that extra flowery flair. To showcase her beautiful blooms, Willow has a hand-built mahogany wooden display designed and built by Zach Youmans of Black Dog Woodworking. Just as unique and beautiful on the inside as the out, Willow's dashboard features hand painted florals by the talented Jenn Salyer of Cobblestone Road Lettering.

The little bloom's logo was specially designed by the amazing Svetlana Albrecht of Svetlana Photography. Svet was able to take some jumbled ideas and design our beautiful and unique logo. There are so many tiny details, such as the butterfly, that have very significant meaning to Shannon, the owner of the little bloom.

Willow is a one-of-a-kind flower truck, and we are so excited for y'all to meet her!

Willow - the little bloom's flower truck
the little bloom logo
flower truck florals
Willow - the little bloom's flower truck

The Small Details

Willow, the little bloom’s flower truck is available to book for all your special events.  Willow would love to be a part of creating memories on your special day.


The little bloom flower truck is available to book with or without flowers.  If you would like Willow to be in full bloom, we can work to curate the perfect array of blooms crafted to your specific taste.


Contact us for pricing, details, and Willow’s availability!

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